Renee Stepler at Pew Research provided exceptional research regarding Key Findings on how police view their jobs amid protests and calls for social reform (a complete copy of the article can be found here)

A summary of the research on how police view their jobs suggests that

  1. Most officers – 86% – say high-profile incidents between blacks and police have made their jobs harder.
  2. Black and white officers differ over perceptions of fatal encounters and ensuing protests.
  3. Police work is marked by conflicting experiences and emotions.
  4. While physical confrontations are not part of the daily routine, a third of officers say they have struggled or fought with a suspect resisting arrest in the past month.
  5. Police see value in knowing the people and places they patrol, but are divided when it comes to the use of more aggressive tactics.
  6. Most officers lack confidence in their department’s disciplinary process but view its use-of-force guidelines as appropriate.
  7. The police and public hold sharply different views about key aspects of policing and issues related to public safety.

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