Clinical Experience of Dr. Kenneth Manges

Clinical Experience

Dr. Manges is a licensed psychologist, vocational and career counselor and experienced Life Coach. He has been providing clinical services, vocational consultation, and coaching services for over 40 years. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to emotional trauma, marital discord, life changes as a consequence of downsizing at work, and emotional distress due to life circumstances. As a part of his services he provides assessment for; intellectual and emotional distress; Adult Attention Deficit Disorder; learning problems; early onset dementia; Alzheimer’s; Asperger’s syndrome; memory deficits due to traumatic brain injury and; emotional distress as a consequence of catastrophic events including natural disasters, domestic violence, assault and sexual trauma, as well as, war-related experiences. Click here to view his complete Curriculum Vitae.

Life Coaching

His Life Coaching expertise includes providing a supportive face to face and or internet experience for weekly, monthly or project related objectives in order for the individual to reach their inter-personal career and or life objectives. As a clinician and as a Life Coach Dr. Manges offers his expertise in mindful meditation, cognitive behavioral interventions and real-time experiences for effective change based on the individual’s personality and best learning style. Online evaluations utilizing recognized assessments are incorporated where appropriate for a meaningful experience and establishing a baseline for persons wanting a starting point to evaluate their aspirations and future goal setting.

Dr. Kenneth Manges - Forensic Psychologist and Vocational expert

Dr. Kenneth Manges is a Forensic Psychologist and vocational expert who offers consultation and comprehensive evaluations. His analyses have been recognized for their clarity and scientific rigor. He offers reasonably certain opinions about the psychological impact of physical injury or emotional trauma as they affect earning capacity and the impact of loss on future work and quality of life. Well regarded in the litigation arena, he is a trusted and respected authority and offers evaluations that have been consistently upheld in both state and federal courts.