Dr. Manges' Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Kenneth J. Manges
Forensic Psychologist | Vocational Specialist | TEDX Keynote Speaker
Phone (513) 784-1333 | Fax (513) 338-1920
Email: drmanges@gmail.com | Website: drmanges.com

Summary: Dr. Manges is a certified Forensic Psychologist, Court Qualified Expert Witness for Criminal and Civil matters, Litigation Consultant, Rehabilitation Therapist, Vocational Expert, Clinical therapist, Collaboratively trained Family and Vocational Specialist and Speaker. With 40+ years of experience as a problem solver, Dr. Manges is recognized by litigators, judges, individuals, corporations and non-profits for his preparedness and his ability to communicate. Dr. Manges is known for his ability to convey complex information in a concise, understandable, and memorable way.

Mission: To offer my expertise in resolving problems that recognize my clients’ unique situation. My goal is to help others understand the message I have been asked to present, whether in the court as an expert, to an individual struggling with their own personal needs or a group wanting to communicate with their workers and stakeholders.

Strengths: Dr. Manges is a compassionate clinician and evaluator who provides his professional in a myriad of settings. I pride myself on appreciating the needs of the listener, whether that’s at trial to a judge or jury, a professional group, community organization or adult learner. I am mindful, and considerate of the person or circumstance being spoken about, along with the cultural needs of my audience.

1/86 – Present Dr. Kenneth J. Manges & Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio Employment as a manager, consultant, evaluator, supervisor, clinical psychologist- therapist, forensic psychologist, vocational rehabilitation specialist and expert witness.

  • Evaluations of psychological and vocational issues for self referrals, public, non-profit and private entities.
  • Courtroom testimony regarding interpretation of psychological disorders, differential diagnoses and vocational viability post injury.
  • Economic -wage loss evaluations. Consultation and testimony due to psychological issues because of Traumatic Brain Injury, physical or sexual assault, sexual molestation and physical trauma.
  • Independent Medical Examinations due to work injuries for the and Bureau of Workers Compensation, as well as employers and claimant attorneys.
  • Forensic psychological examinations including competency to stand trial, Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, incompetency, parental competency, undue influence, genetic disorders, alleged sexual abuse, sexual molestation, wrongful death and grief, as well as criminal defense, mitigation at time of sentencing and wrongful conviction defense.
  • Individual consultations and treatment. Psychological examinations pre-and post medical procedure.
  • On-line teletherapy via phone and or encrypted and confidential internet video communication.
  • Litigation consultation and testimony regarding child custody, best interests and domestic relations including spousal support and parental competency.
  • Individual psychotherapy. Job procurement strategies.
  • Specialty exams for social security applications| Veterans regarding Posttraumatic Stress and other psychological issues| labor law issues| criminal defense | professional malpractice | work place injury | loss of consortium.
  • Economic wage loss.
  • Quality of life issues due to genetic syndromes such as 22q11.2/3q-29/Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS)/DiGeorge syndrome/ Spectrum disorder/ Developmentally handicapped/Traumatic brain injury/Physical trauma.
  • Keynote speaker and training for companies, organizations, agencies, and non-profit groups.
  • Fitness for duty and violence screenings for companies and third-party administrators.
  • 2023 Award in the Psychological Category for Cincinnati, Ohio.

Certification training, Collaborative Family Relations and Vocational Specialist 02/2019- 02/2019.
Certified International Psychometric Evaluator 01/2018 to present.
Certified training at Tier 3 for Star Behavioral Health Providers- (Military Sensitivity Training) 02/2015 and 03/2017.
Certification training as a Trainer of Emergency Responders, 03/2004-03/2004.
Certification training as an Ohio DMH Emergency Responder, 03/2003-03/2003.
Certification training in Bereavement, 04/2001 – 04/2001.
Certification training in Mediation, Harvard University, MA., 02/ 2000- 02/2000.
Certified Forensic Psychologist, University of Virginia, 4/1984- 04/1984.
Certified Vocational Evaluator, 01/1990-01/1990.
Ph.D., in Psychology, University of Maryland, 06/1972 -06/1974.
Master’s of Science, in Psychology, Brooklyn College, New York, 06/1970- 06/1973.
B.A., in Psychology, Adelphi University, New York, 06/1967- 06/1970.

Licensed Psychologist, Ohio 1985 to present.
Licensed Psychologist, West Virginia 1978 to present.
Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress 1998 to present.
Diplomate, American Board of Vocational Experts 1998 to present.
Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Examiners 1997 to present.
Diplomate, American Board of Professional Disability Consultants 1992 to present.
Diplomate, National Center for Crisis Management 1998 to present.

Qualified in Federal, Civil and Military courts.

Past Work Experiences
1/86 – Present Dr. Kenneth J. Manges & Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio
Employment as a clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist, vocational rehabilitation specialist and expert witness.
9/78 – 1/86 Counseling and Communications Center, Charleston, West Virginia
Employment as a clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist, vocational rehabilitation specialist and expert witness.
8/77 – 9/78 Bath – Brunswick Mental Health Center, Bath, Maine
Employment as Director of Consultation and School Psychology contract.
9/74 – 8/77 Wheeler Clinic, Plainville, Connecticut
Employment as a clinical psychologist
8/72 – 9/74 Great Oaks Retardation Center, Silver Springs, Maryland (part time pre-doctoral externship as a psychologist)

9/75 – 6-77 Bristol Hospital, Bristol, Connecticut
Family therapy
9/71 – 8/72 Hackensack Rehabilitation Center, Hackensack, New Jersey
Director of Sheltered Workshop Program
12/69 – 12/70 Kings County Hospital, Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York.
Clinical trainee
10/69 – 9/70 Family Court Mental Health Clinic, Westbury, New York
Clinical trainee

Academy of Medicine-Hamilton, Ohio
American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, Affiliate Member
American Academy of Bereavement 1984 to present.
American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress 1998 to present.
American Board of Professional Disability Consultants 1986 to present.
American Board of Vocational Experts (Past President 1998-2000) 1987 to present.
American Psychological Association 1974 to present.
Association for Psychological Science 2019 to present.
National Center for Crisis Management 1998 to present.
Ohio Psychological Association 1986 to present.

Christ Hospital 1986 to present.

Test Development
Manges-Garmize Behavioral Assessment Scale.
Manges, K. and Garmize, L. Copyright, Great Oaks Center, 1973.

Preliminary Diagnostic Questionnaire.
Copyright, Moriarity, J. (Dr. Manges was the editor & project supervisor)

Contributing Editor, Ohio Psychological Association Review 2019 to present.
Contributing Editor, Journal of Forensic Vocational Assessment 2000 to present Monthly Columnist for the American Israelite: Psychologically Speaking Column: 12/2020 to present.
Two term Past President of the American Board of Vocational Experts (1999-2000)
Co- Author, Working in The Community, 8th Annual Institute 1979.
Former Instructor in Forensic Psychology, Doctoral Program at Union Institute, OH.1998.Former instructor in Psychology, Master’s Program in Psychology at the College of Graduate Studies – WV. 1984.